A consultant provides focus and is available to the family on their time frame.


An educational consultant is a skilled professional who works individually with students and families to help identify schools that will best fit the needs of the student. These needs may be academic, social, financial, or any combination of these areas.


A consultant brings a variety of expertise and up to the minute information to the process. By focusing on each student in an advocacy position, a consultant can provide information and insights that might not otherwise be available.


Although school guidance counselors do their best, many are overwhelmed with the number of students they counsel in all areas of school life and find they have little time available to focus on students who may need one-to-one guidance in the college search. A consultant provides that focus and is available to the family on their time frame; not the school’s.


College consultants spend at least 20% of their time visiting schools, meeting with admission representatives and staying abreast of developments in the world of higher education.