Why should I become a client?



College Exploration and Selection


Application Management and Financial Planning


First-Year Support


When you start searching for the right college or university, through your first year and beyond, we are there for you!  We help, counsel and assist our clients (and their families) to not only maximize on their educational opportunities through un-paralleled individualized support in all aspects of the transition to college and beyond.


We will help you:

  • Determine a list of colleges/universities
  • Manage applications
  • Brainstorm & construct essays
  • Resume and activity sheet construction
  • Interview preperation
  • Facilitate visit days
  • New student orientation
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship facilitation


 We do not stop when our students make their decision and head off to college.


Our services include working with our students and parents during the critical first year. Did you know that approximately 50% of students who enter post-secondary education do not make it to their second year? While researchers have found a variety of reasons for this, we engage with our students on a weekly basis during their first year to make sure that they are taking the necessary steps to have a positive first-year experience.


Throughout the process we have the expertise to help our clients with all of their questions and concerns. However, and most importantly, we prepare our students to not just get into the college or university of their choice, but to thrive during their first year. The result: a successful transition from high school to college and a strong foundation for collegiate success and beyond.