Students with Learning Challenges

For students with learning challenges and their families, the college search process can be especially difficult. While most colleges and universities provide services for students, the scope of these options can be vastly different. RCS Enrollment Consulting can help students identify their needs in the college setting and identify those schools which will best meet their needs.


Working closely with the student and parents, we: 

  • Evaluate the student’s high school record, including transcript, test scores, psychological evaluation, IEP or other school documentation to insure continuance of recommended accommodations at the college level.
  • Recommend appropriate accommodations for college testing and assistance in preparing the necessary applications for testing accommodations.
  • Develop a profile of the programs or services that will meet the student’s needs.
  • Create a list of appropriate schools for the student and parents to consider.
  • Engage the student in Interest inventories and skill assessments to assist in the exploration of career possibilities.
  • Facilitate interaction with admissions offices, student services offices and other college personnel in the application process.
  • Supervise the application process to be sure materials are submitted in a timely fashion.

Each student’s progress through this process is unique and the the individualization of our approach reflects the specific needs of each client.


Familiarity with the options that are available is the key to success in the college search for a student with special academic needs. RCS Enrollment Consulting, LLC provides in-depth knowledge of the programs and services available for students with specific learning disabilities, ADHD, ADD, visually and auditory impairments, Asperger’s Syndrome and other issues.