A college education can be expensive, but it is still a very wise investment.  With our assistance we will walk you step-by-step through Financial Aid options to help you and your student afford your college expereince.

At RCS Enrollment Consulting, LLC, we work with each family in the following areas:

  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Support
  • Preparation of costs and related fees for selected schools
  • Scholarship applications – institutional and community scholarship management

    From filling out the FAFSA with you, to identifying both institutional and community based scholarships to identifying grants and other aid that is available, RCS Enrollment Consulting can help make college more affordable!

    Through our support through the first-year experience, we also work with students to identify scholarship and grant opportunities that are available to students at the school that they attend.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of scholarship dollars are not distributed by institutions because many students, and their families, believe that scholarships are only granted to incoming freshman!  Let us identify these funds for you!

    RCS Enrollment Consulting is partnering with Mr. George Howe with Raymond James & Associates to work with families to make the financial preparation to make college affordable and long-term financial stability for our families.

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